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  • ZettaMesh to offer unprecedented levels of

    performance and reliability in a cost effective manner.

    To perform feats such as currency conversion for a billion records in ~800ms and
    calculating 15,830,397 population intersections in ~1.5 seconds

What is ZettaMesh?

Simply stated the market need is moving from a need for big data management to a need of computation
and analysis of extremely large data sets, or big compute as we call it at ZettaMesh.

ZettaMesh is designed around the following Core Principles

How does it work and why is it better?

ZettaMesh is designed from the ground up using cutting edge hardware and software technologies such as GPU acceleration and mesh architecture. These cutting-edge technologies in conjunction with proprietary hardware configurations allow ZettaMesh to offer unprecedented levels of performance and reliability in a cost effective manner.

Deployment Models

ZettaMesh is designed to provide your business analysts and data scientists with a seamless, easy to use end to end model definition, authoring and analysis environment. This highly productive end user software environment runs on top of ZettaMesh’s powerful back end and allows end users to perform near real time complex analytics of extremely large data sets.

  • ZettaMesh Appliances
  • ZetaMesh Software Only (local data center)
  • ZetaMesh Software Only (cloud provider)

The mesh is purpose designed to run as many tasks in parallel as possible at once. The mesh architecture handles all scheduling and execution optimization on the user’s behalf with absolutely no need for custom programming.

ZettaMesh installations can easily and seamlessly grow and expand as your organization’s big compute needs grow. ZettaMesh provides real time information on your mesh’s resource utilization. When you need more resources simply add more nodes to your ZettaMesh installation and you are all set, the system will automatically absorb and configure the nodes and roll them into the mesh.

The mesh architecture has no single point of failure, as such there is no scenario where the failure of a single node can bring down the entire system. Using a true mesh architecture allows ZettaMesh to gracefully recover from node loss by simply reallocating the tasks which the node was responsible for to other nodes in the mesh, as long as one node remains running ZettaMesh can continue processing.